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It is essential for readers to have the understanding that universal health care is a term that encompasses a very broad range of topics. Utilization of such a system can take many different forms, which is one of its many advantages. However, the most fundamental aspect of the implementation process is the method by which all of a country’s residents can be provided with access to inexpensive medical care for themselves and their families.

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Many nations’ governments must resort to levying additional taxes on their people in order to amass the financial resources necessary to finance the implementation of such a system. The government is also responsible for determining who is eligible to receive specific forms of care and how particular types of care must be given. Even while taxes make up a significant portion of the funding for health care systems in many nations, patients may still be expected to contribute some money toward their care.
On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that universal health care does not come without its critics. Those who are opposed to a universal healthcare system frequently bring up the topic of who would be responsible for paying the most amount of taxes under such a system.

These individuals argue that depending on the rate of taxes that are to be charged, many of the same people who currently are unable to afford medical insurance would have a difficult time paying taxes for a Universal Healthcare system. They say this because the rate of taxes that are currently charged is too high. They claim that if the taxes are too high, then the wealthy will bear the most portion of the tax burden. However, this is the very same group that is the least likely to require universal health care in the first place because they are able to afford private health care. It is also important to mention that the expense of health care in the United States is one of the trends that has been growing at one of the highest rates in recent history. In point of fact, the escalating price of medical care is rising at a rate that is considerably higher than the average rate of inflation.

It has never happened before, but the average annual premium for family health insurance shot up by more than 70 percent between the years of 2001 and 2007. In addition to a national programme for universal health care that is run by the federal government, a great number of American towns and states are already in the process of putting their own plans for universal health care into action.

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